New York Jets learning the hard way with Nathaniel Hackett experience

The Nathaniel Hackett experience is going poorly for the New York Jets

Denver Broncos
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The New York Jets clearly hired Nathaniel Hackett to lure Aaron Rodgers to the team, and it worked. Well, with Rodgers being out, the team is learning the hard way just how inefficient Hackett's offenses are without Rodgers. During Monday Night Football, the New York Jets had a perfect chance to use a stingy defense and strong run game to beat the Los Angeles Chargers.

This was supposed to be a turning point for the Jets, who would have improved to 5-3 and would have found themselves right in the middle of the playoff run, and it would have kept them afloat in the AFC East race. Well, thanks in part to Nathaniel Hackett, the Jets' offense mustered six total points against one of the worst defenses in the NFL.

Zach Wilson threw the ball 49 times for just 263 yards. Their leading rusher was Breece Hall, who had just 50 yards on 16 carries. The Jets allowed a whopping eight sacks, lost three fumbles, and punted seven times. The offense truly had nothing, and it really should not be surprising at all. For us Broncos fans, it's easy to see why the Jets' offense was as bad as it was.

Nathaniel Hackett has proven virtually nothing in the NFL without Aaron Rodgers in the picture. Denver hired him as their head coach in 2022, and very quickly it became clear that Hackett was not cut out to be a head coach in the NFL. And honestly, it doesn't look like he's worth much as a play-caller, either.

Aaron Rodgers has to surely be wondering if it's even worth coming back this season if he's able. His remarkable Achilles recovery has been widely covered, and it is impressive. However, between Hackett constantly having poor game plans and the state of the Jets' offensive line, New York is not close to being a playoff team.


You have to truly wonder if Hackett even finishes the year out. I get that he and Rodgers are buddies, but man, the Jets' offense has nothing to it. The Jets' offense ranks 30th in the NFL in points, scoring 16.5 points per contest. Their defense ranks 8th in the NFL, allowing just 19.5 points per game. It was a bit puzzling to see the New York Jets not make a move for a QB at the trade deadline, but maybe they should have made a move at offensive coordinator.

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