New York Jets disrespected key new Denver Broncos player before trading him

The New York Jets disrespected the newest Denver Broncos defender before trading him.
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One of the newest Denver Broncos, defensive end John Franklin-Myers, seemed to get disrespected by his former team before being traded to Denver. When the Broncos got JFM for a 2026 sixth-round pick, my jaw dropped. Franklin-Myers is a plus defender and fills a huge need along the defensive line for the Broncos.

The team's DL was among the worst, arguably the worst in football in 2023. Their interior DL got no pass rush push outside of Zach Allen and the run defense was just downright putrid. JFM figures to help the Broncos in both of those aspects. He's not a great player, but he's pretty good and a huge upgrade over what the Broncos have had in recent seasons.

Well, it looks like the Jets did offer Franklin-Myers a new contract, which seemed to be lower than the extension he was on. When the Broncos traded for him, they signed him to a new two-year, $15 million deal, which is a modest number that pleases both sides. On Twitter, or X, Franklin-Myers seemed to take a jab at the Jets for an apparent contract offer they made:

It's not like the Denver Broncos spent a ton of money to extend JFM on the deal they did. $7.5 million per season isn't a crazy number for a plus defender by any means, but the New York Jets seemed to low-ball the player. The New York Jets GM is Joe Douglas, who had originally signed him to a four-year, $55 million extension a couple of seasons ago.

In 2023, his production did dip a bit. He put up 3.5 sacks, six tackles for loss, and 14 QB hits. In 2022, JFM managed 5.0 sacks, four tackles for loss, and 20 QB hits. Nonetheless, John Franklin-Myers is now on the Denver Broncos, a team that will actually value his performance.