New WR expresses excitement to join Denver Broncos offense

New Broncos WR Josh Reynolds is hyped to play in the city of Denver.

Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

Days after the signing was made official, new Broncos wide receiver Josh Reynolds expressed his excitement via social media to join head coach Sean Payton's offense in Denver:

It is rather reassuring knowing the Broncos are acquiring a player fresh off a winning team and successful offense like the Detroit Lions who is ready to contribute the same role in Denver. The Broncos' receiving unit has been lackluster in production for years now for a variety of reasons and has been due for a change, especially in terms of leadership. Reynolds is going to provide the veteran leadership Denver's young receivers can learn and benefit from. He'll likely mesh very well with the personalities of Courtland Sutton and Tim Patrick who are all around the same age in the receiver room.

Reynolds mentioned, "Can't wait to get this thing popped off and turned around." Considering the Broncos have yet to figure out their quarterback situation, these words of exuded confidence are very reassuring for Broncos fans knowing that Reynolds believes he can make an immediate impact in Denver's offense to contribute towards winning football games. Despite the contrary, Reynolds is still a very reliable receiver at this point in his career.

In just 13 games started in 2023, Reynolds tied his career-high in receiving touchdowns (5) and posted the second-highest receiving yards of any season in his career (608) while averaging the second-most yards per reception of any season in his career (15.2). At this stage of a receiver's career as they near their 30s, most tend to fall off in production and show subtle signs of declining. However, for Reynolds, he only continues to thrive and progress with more opportunities. In Denver's offense, he'll likely receive more targets as opposed to Detriot's where he was the team's third option in the receiver room.


With that being said, Reynolds will still have to earn his target share in Denver's passing game, however, he is making it well-known that he is super excited to arrive in the Mile High and become a part of something he believes can be special. It will certainly be interesting to see the trajectory of his career in a Broncos uniform where he'll receive the most targets of his career, assuming Sean Payton and the Broncos correctly solve their quarterback issue.

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