Netflix show proves Broncos should have done more to get Kirk Cousins in 2018

-The opinion on Kirk Cousins seems to have grown since the show began to air

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Kirk Cousins is one of three quarterbacks on the Netflix series Quarterback, and the opinion on the passer seems to have grown significantly since the show began to air. The one football opinion I will take to my grave and will stand proudly on is that Kirk Cousins is a criminally underrated quarterback.

It seems that the new Quarterback series on Netflix proves that, too. In fact, the two other quarterbacks on the show, Marcus Mariota and Pat Mahomes, both said Cousins was the most underrated QB in the NFL. That's extremely high praise.

Cousins has been an interesting player, to say the least. Year after year, he puts up very solid stats but has never broken through during the playoffs and seems to crumble occasionally when the pressure is at its highest.

However, one thing that can't be disputed is how consistent he's been during his career, and during his free agency search back in 2018, the Denver Broncos had strong interest in Cousins. The QB ultimately decided to sign with the Minnesota Vikings, and he's since done the following for them:

46-33-1 record, 20,934 yards, 153 touchdowns, 50 interceptions, 100.9 rating. You would be lying to yourself if you said you wouldn't take that type of production. If you didn't know who the player was and I had asked if you'd take this production from the Broncos' QBs since 2018, 99% of you would probably give a resounding yes.

I don't have Netflix myself, but clips from the series are circulating quite a bit on social media, so I'd encourage readers to search for those clips to see what I am talking about here. Not only as a player, but people seem to be viewing Cousins more highly as a person, too, which is huge. At the end of the day, having a strong character is more important than being a good player.

Kirk Cousins seems to be a stellar human and a very good football player. This Netflix series has revealed the other side of quarterbacking that we don't get to see. Mariota, Mahomes, and Cousins have had cameras shoved in their faces during very personal times in their lives both during football and outside of it.


Cousins seems to be the big winner from this, and might even prove that the Broncos should have done more to sign him five years ago when he was a free agent. He's thrown at least 25 touchdown passes in every season since 2015 and has not had a passer rating lower than 92.5 since then. Cousins is likely crossing the 40,000 career yard mark this season and should easily pass 300 career touchdown passes within the next two years.

He also does have a skillset as a passer that may translate nicer as he ages into his 30s than the Broncos' current QB, Russell Wilson. Would Denver be better off with Cousins or Wilson right now?

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