Nathaniel Hackett is continuing to ruin NFL teams as New York Jets deal with his incompetence

The Nathaniel Hackett experience in Denver was a huge mistake, but he's not the Broncos' problem anymore.

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Nathaniel Hackett had one of the worst tenures of any head coach in NFL history, and the New York Jets are experiencing it now instead of the Denver Broncos. I almost feel bad that the Jets have to deal with Nathaniel Hackett now. Last year, the Denver Broncos hired Hackett to be their new head coach, and many figured this move would be to lure Aaron Rodgers out of Green Bay and into Denver.

Well, that didn't work, so the Broncos pivoted to Russell Wilson, and the rest was an ugly history. It got so bad for the Broncos that the team fired Hackett in-season. Hackett was one of only a small handful of NFL head coaches to get fired before his first season concluded. It was a historically bad tenure for Hackett. Well, he somehow landed a coordinator position. He was hired by the Jets to be their new OC, and it then became clear that it was the Jets trying to lure Rodgers to NY.

It worked for them, but the four-time MVP tore his Achilles after just a handful of snaps, so Hackett has now been left with Zach Wilson at QB. Yes, Wilson might be the worst QB in the NFL, but it seems like Hackett is also showing more of his incompetence as a play-caller:

"What about Hackett's (and offensive line coach Keith Carter's) awful pass-block game plan — the one that left Duane Brown on an island alone to block Micah Parsons 14 times on Sunday?

Hackett refused to take blame for that, either, instead insisting that the offensive line's struggles were due to the Jets frequently being in a "two-minute offense." He blamed the flow of the game for all of his own shortcomings as a coach.

The Jets were thoroughly out-coached on Sunday, and the team's offensive struggles were a direct result of that. Hackett failed to do his job, and instead of owning up to that, he insisted on placing the blame on external factors."

Justin Fried

Hackett is up to the shame shenanigans he was when he was in Denver. Hackett developed a quick reputation while he was with the Broncos for not directly taking the blame for the bad offensive performances. It was hard to listen to each week.

Here's more from Justin Fried on Hackett:

"The veteran offensive coach spoke to reporters on Thursday, and he was asked to field a number of questions regarding his dubious decisions to this point. Instead of taking ownership, however, Hackett decided to play the blame game.

When asked about Breece Hall's stunning lack of touches in the Jets' Week 2 loss to the Cowboys, Hackett placed the blame on the team's lack of offensive plays, saying, "Everybody's workload was low.""

Justin Fried


The New York Jets have only played two games with Nathaniel Hackett as the OC, but it's clear that some are already fed up with him.

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