3 matchups to watch for Denver Broncos vs. Miami Dolphins in Week 3

Can the Denver Broncos earn their first win of the season in 2023?

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The Denver Broncos play their first road game and toughest test of the season thus far in Week 3 when they take on the Miami Dolphins. The Broncos have disappointed thus far through two weeks, but it's really only been the defense disappointing. By all metrics thus far, the Broncos' offense is one of the best in the NFL.

They are scoring nearly 25 points per game and Russell Wilson has a 100+ passer rating and five touchdown passes already. I would advise you to not listen to those who are still saying that Russell Wilson isn't any good because that hasn't been the case so far. Defensively, Denver has been a mess, and I think it's a mixture of Vance Joseph simply not being a good defensive coordinator and the defense not having many good players.

It's a mess on that side of the ball, and I would hate to see a great offensive season wasted by the defense, which is not something we are used to hearing in Broncos Country. Let's dive into three matchups to watch out for in Week 3 for the Denver Broncos.

3 matchups to watch for Denver Broncos vs. Miami Dolphins in Week 3
1. Russell Wilson vs. Vic Fangio

The Miami Dolphins defense has not been good so far in 2023. And I am not surprised. When Vic Fangio first arrived in Denver, the Broncos defense took several weeks to finally gel together. I suppose his defenses are complex to understand? At least that's what I can take from the Dolphins' slow start on that side of the ball.

The team is also missing Jalen Ramsey for another couple of months, and he is a perfect fit for Fangio's defense. Well, I'm curious to see how the defense plays against Russell Wilson and how Wilson performs. DangeRuss has already taken nine sacks, and one thing to know about Fangio's defenses is that he doesn't blitz a ton and likes to try and create natural pressure.

Don't expect Miami to "send the dogs" much at Wilson. Perhaps if Denver is in some third-and-long situations, Fangio would be more likely to blitz. He'll try and create pressure with stunts and rely on his talented DL to simply win their matchups.

This could buy Wilson more time in the pocket if the Broncos' OL can hold up, which would be great for the offense.