Broncos rookie Marvin Mims is a legitimate contender for Rookie of the Year

Denver's Answer to the Long-Awaited Deep Threat has finally arrived.

Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages

Typically, moral victories are not something NFL teams particularly love to walk away with, but for the Denver Broncos, Marvin Mims’ performance is certainly something worth getting excited about. Despite suffering a gut-wrenching loss to the Washington Commanders on Sunday, the Denver Broncos got a glimpse of what is to come from their second-round pick in this year’s draft, Marvin Mims.

Making the most of his two deep targets, Mims caught both for a combined 113 yards and a touchdown. Additionally, Mims showcased his explosiveness in his lone punt return that went for 45 yards. As Week 2 comes to a close, Mims’ masterful performance on Sunday now has him ranked 1st in the NFL in Yards Per Catch (30.5) and in the running for this week's NFL Rookie of the Week.

Mims’ ability to drastically impact a game at the NFL level in only the second game of his young professional career is a bit of a surprise. His speed and separation unlocked the long-awaited ‘Russ Moon Ball’ we all hoped to see from Russell Wilson dating back to last year.

Truthfully, the potential for Marvin Mims’ rookie season is unbelievably high. If he can stay healthy, Mims could realistically lead all Broncos receivers. Russell Wilson made it clear and obvious he trusts the rookie enough to take shots down the field with him. Mims being able to come down with both deep shots will only help continue to build a rapport between the two.

 Another thing to keep in mind is that Mims was sidelined for a portion of the offseason, so if their connection already seems to be at a decent level with limited time together, one can only imagine the connection between the two progressing to the level Wilson and Tyler Lockett once had in Seattle.


Lastly, Mims’ ability as an explosive return man can be the true X-factor that gives him an edge over other rookies in his class. Unfortunately for Mims, in order to have a chance to showcase his skill, he’ll need some help from a struggling defensive unit that has come out flat early this season. Until the Broncos defensive unit can force opposing offenses to punt, Mims will be missing out on more ways to affect the game as a return man.

Nevertheless, Mims' rookie season appears to be brimming with opportunity. After only the second game of the season, he has clearly shown that deeming him a legitimate contender for Offensive Rookie of the Year is far from premature.

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