6 of the most underappreciated Denver Broncos players in team history

The Denver Broncos have been fortunate enough to have some of the greatest players in NFL history come to the Mile High City, leading to several of them being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the team's Ring of Fame. But some players deserve much more recognition for their contributions to the team.
Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders - November 13, 2005
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Jake Plummer, Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders - November 12, 2006 / Robert B. Stanton/GettyImages

Most underappreciated Broncos: Jake Plummer, Quarterback

The Broncos have been fortunate enough to have two of the best quarterbacks in NFL history in John Elway and Peyton Manning, but the third-best quarterback the team ever had is Jake Plummer.

The Broncos don't have a great history in drafting quarterbacks, which is why Tim Tebow is the only quarterback the team has ever drafted that won a playoff game, but free agency has been another story and that is how Plummer came aboard.

Following the 2002 season, the Broncos had seen enough from Brian Griese and they were able to bring Plummer in after six seasons as the quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals. Plummer guided the Broncos for four seasons and led the team to the AFC Championship Game in 2005.

Despite a lot of success and a winning record as the team's quarterback, the Broncos traded up in the first round of the 2006 draft to select Jay Cutler at No. 11 overall. The move was met with plenty of criticism and that only continued when Mike Shanahan chose to bench Plummer in favor of Cutler in November 2006 despite a 7-4 record at the time.

Plummer finished out the 2006 season as the backup before being traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers following that season. He never suited up for the Bucs, however, choosing instead to retire from football.

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