Lower expectations in 2024 could be good for Broncos fans

Since 2016 there has always been some hope, some move made in the offseason to make Broncos Country think they could be competitive the next season, not this year.

Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages

Ask any Denver Broncos fan if they are tired of losing year in and year out and I promise you the answer will be a resounding yes, Broncos Country is a proud fanbase after all. Going into the 2024 season there isn't (and shouldn't) be an expectation of making the playoffs and for once that's okay.

The Broncos proudly hoisted the Lombardi Trophy in 2016 and since then they haven't even made the playoffs but there has always been the HOPE that next year could be the year to return to competitiveness. From high profile free agent signings to blockbuster trades (I am looking at you Russell Wilson) and even new head coaches. This offseason? It's time to accept the harsh reality that there is no big move this offseason that is going to catapult the Broncos into a state of competitiveness, not in the AFC West at least.

The Chiefs aren't going anywhere, The Chargers finally have a coach in Jim Harbaugh and the Raiders are scrappy. The Broncos? They lack an identity, and the hope is that isn't the case anymore after the 2024 NFL Draft when they come away with a new quarterback (fingers crossed). For now, the Orange and Blue have question marks all over from the obvious at quarterback to running back (Javonte Williams averaged 3.6 yards per carry last year and hasn't looked the same since the knee injury), and wide receiver, will Tim Patrick stay healthy? Will Marvin Mims thrive in an expanded role? Will the defense take a step back without Justin Simmons? Too many questions with not enough answers.

For now, it's time to find the guy in the draft, whomever that may be, although I am leaning heavily toward JJ McCarthy (whatever it takes to get him) and then finding a late-round gem as an offensive playmaker as the Broncos often do. Then 2024 can all be about the new QB learning the ropes and seeing what we really have in playmakers who haven't had the chance to get out there. Going into the 2024 season it might not look pretty but for the first time in a while, that is to be expected. As of now, DraftKings has the over/under win total for the Broncos at 5.5. which means that anything over that will be a bonus.

This ride has been a long one (no pun intended) but I think next season will be a whole lot more fun when there isn't (or shouldn't be) an expectation of making the playoffs so fans can sit back and enjoy the Orange and Blue without being frustrated when the Broncos aren't where they should be and if the rebuild is done correctly the Broncos will be back at the top where they should be.