Legendary Vikings pass rusher Jared Allen coaching Broncos

Longtime NFL pass rusher and 4X First-Team All-Pro Jared Allen has been working with Denver Broncos pass rushers at practice.

Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Hannah Foslien/GettyImages

As the conclusion of Denver Broncos training camp quickly approaches, the team has received a recent wave of compliments regarding the team's pass rushers from both the interior and exterior despite the group being an area of concern heading into the summer. One of the reasons for the recent splurge in success for the defensive line might be the presence of long-time Chiefs and Vikings defensive end Jared Allen at Broncos practice.

According to head coach Sean Payton, the two-time NFL sack leader has made a couple of appearances at practice throughout the offseason activities and has helped coach and teach the young pass rushers on the Broncos roster. Anytime a defense has the opportunity to learn from such a successful and highly-respected pass rusher like Jared Allen, you have to absorb every bit of knowledge that is provided and Broncos' new DE Zach Allen did just that as he spent 15 minutes after practice on Wednesday picking the brains of the 41-year-old.

Glaring reviews coming out of camp have already been in favor of the Broncos' 25-year-old pass rusher, despite the high expectations given after his three-year, $45.75M deal awarded in free agency. Perhaps if Allen is unable to absorb the knowledge of future hall-of-famer Jared Allen and apply it to this game, the Broncos can hand over the '99' jersey and pads to Jared Allen who happens to share the same last name. Surely nobody will notice.

Jokes aside, the Broncos seem to be greatly benefiting from having the legendary Jared Allen at their facility and will continue to welcome him with open arms as a report confirmed Allen will remain with the team throughout the regular season as he plans to explore a potential career in coaching. It is rather refreshing to see such a phenomenal NFL icon and teacher be able to aid Denver's pass rush as he once was one of their foes with the Kansas City Chiefs and the Carolina Panthers as he competed against the Broncos in Super Bowl 50.


In his 12-year career, Allen amounted 136 total sacks, 648 tackles, and an incredible 171 tackles for loss with four different teams. In addition, he was selected to five Pro Bowl teams and four First-Team All-Pros. Perhaps the Broncos defensive line can learn a thing or two from the retired vet.

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