Latest Russell Wilson charade is all too familiar for Denver Broncos fans

Oh boy, here we go.
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages

The Russell Wilson experience has moved to Pittsburgh for at least the 2024 NFL Season, and this latest charade by the QB is all too familiar for Broncos fans. Here we go again. Russell Wilson is someone who loves the spotlight, that is for sure. During his two seasons with Denver from 2022-2023, Wilson always seemed to find himself in the spotlight.

Sporting events and otherwise, the QB simply cannot help himself. Well, Pittsburgh may be the perfect storm for Russell Wilson, as the city is a huge, rugged football town. No matter how bad the Steelers may be (they're never bad), the residents of Pittsburgh are Steelers first through and through.

Well, country music star Zac Brown was in Pittsburgh on Saturday for a concert, and you can guess who ended up being there:

Russell Wilson himself, the QB and attention-seeker extraordinaire, appears on stage and gifts Brown a jersey. The fans erupt in loud cheers, and naturally, the hope for the coming season also gets louder. To be fair, the Steelers QB situation in 2023 was a total disaster, so even though Wilson was not good for the Broncos in 2023, he should actually be an upgrade over what they had.

However, with this only being a one-year deal worth the veteran minimum, the Steelers would not hesitate to bench Russell Wilson if his performances are not up to par. Justin Fields is their backup, and while Fields isn't any good, there might be reason to give him a shot. Both Wilson and Fields are set to hit the free agent market in 2025 if the Steelers were to again clean house at QB.

But for now, though, Steelers Country can enjoy the latest high from a popular name at QB arriving, even though his prime is clearly years over.