Latest head coaching hire could signal another obvious fit for Russell Wilson in 2024

Could Russell Wilson have another strong fit in 2024 if he isn't on the Denver Broncos?

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With the last head coaching vacancy being filled, the list got longer for Russell Wilson's potential new team in 2024. I think at this point in his career, Russell Wilson is much closer to the tier of Kirk Cousins/Derek Carr than the tier of Lamar Jackson/Joe Burrow/etc. I do think he can still start in the NFL.

And whatever team he may play on in 2024, I would not be surprised if he'd want to play for someone who he has a connection with. The first obvious team could be the Carolina Panthers, who recently hired Dave Canales to be their head coach. Canales and Wilson spent years together in Seattle. However, a more obvious and well-known connection is Dan Quinn.

Quinn and Wilson were also together for a good bit in Seattle, and on Thursday, the Washington Commanders hired him to be their next head coach. There's also this very important tidbit regarding Quinn and his potential staff:

If you don't know, Brian Schottenheimer was the offensive coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks from 2018-2020, which were the three most prolific seasons of Wilson's career. Dan Quinn spent a few years as the Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator, and Brian Schottenheimer was and is still on that staff.

When a new head coach gets hired, it is common for them to take a coach or two from the team they were just coaching for. So, I ask this; could Quinn poach Brian Schottenheimer from the Cowboys to be their new offensive coordinator and play-caller? And if so, doesn't that make Russell Wilson an obvious fit for the team? With the No. 2 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, the Commanders could simply draft someone like Drake Maye and decide to start him Week 1.

However, maybe Washington is wanting to examine all of their options this offseason as it pertains to the draft. Maybe Dan Quinn is eyeing Russell Wilson as someone who can be a short-term option for them. I think this becomes especially true if he is able to hire Brian Schottenheimer away to be their OC.

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Folks, the short list of potential fits for Russell Wilson in 2024 just got longer.