Could Russell Wilson return to Seattle Seahawks in 2024?

Is this a possibility?

Denver Broncos v Seattle Seahawks
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With the Seattle Seahawks moving on from long-time head coach Pete Carroll, could that pave the way for Russell Wilson to return to his old team in 2024? There are substantive rumors that during Wilson's ending time with the Seahawks, he actually wanted Pete Carroll fired:

"According to a report by The Athletic, during his waning time with Seattle, Wilson went to ownership in an attempt to get Carroll and Schneider axed. According to the report, Wilson wanted Carroll replaced with Sean Payton, his new coach with the Broncos."

Eric Williams

Well, the previous declining relationship with Wilson some people within the Seahawks' organization was likely a driving factor in him wanting out of town. Earlier this week, the Seahawks and Carroll decided to part ways, but Carroll is apparently remaining with the organization in some type of advisor role.

The Seahawks will now embark on the search for a new head coach for the first time in about 15 years. And the team is in a weird spot. Usually, teams that need a new head coach usually need to re-tool the roster a bit. However, Seattle's roster has a ton of talent from top to bottom, but a regression from their QB and a defense that isn't playing up to their talent were big reasons why the Seahawks didn't improve from their nine-win 2022 season.

They also signed Geno Smith to an extension last offseason. Smith was a breakout candidate in 2022 and was one of the best QBs in football. However, Smith regressed as a passer this year. He threw for just 20 touchdowns, nine interceptions, and earned a pedestrian passer rating of 92.1. The Seahawks can also easily move on from his contract at the end of the season. And let's be honest, here, Geno Smith is not leading the Seahawks to anything more than a Wild Card berth.

Well, with the Denver Broncos likely wanting to move on from Russell Wilson, could Wilson's best fit actually be back with the team that drafted him? I guess that would greatly depend on the coach that they hire, but the new coach might want to draft a rookie QB in preparation for the long term. In the meantime, this new staff might want a reliable QB until they deem the rookie QB to be ready.

And while Russell Wilson is certainly not the QB he once was, he is clearly a better QB with higher upside than Geno Smith. I know this might sound insane, but I do truly think Pete Carroll was, at least from Wilson's perspective, was the bad guy, if you will. Did Russell Wilson ever picture himself leaving Seattle? Surely during their peak years, he did not, in fact, he probably wanted to spend his entire career in the Pacific Northwest. However, the wheels clearly fell off during the end of Wilson's tenure there.


But perhaps the door should be seen as open for a potential reunion between Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks.

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