Las Vegas Raiders reach the pinnacle of dysfunction after Week 8 loss

If nothing else, at least the Las Vegas Raiders are yet again dysfunctional.

Las Vegas Raiders v Detroit Lions
Las Vegas Raiders v Detroit Lions / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages

Death, taxes, and the Las Vegas Raiders being a dysfunctional team. Their latest loss, coming in Week 8, was filled with drama that should make Denver Broncos fans chuckle. Both the Raiders and Broncos are 3-5, but the Raiders have lost two in a row and the Broncos have won two in a row.

So, I'd imagine both teams are feeling totally different within their respective facilities. Well, the Raiders' loss in Week 8 against the Detroit Lions was a game that they probably weren't going to win, but some soundbites from a few of their players really paints a bleak picture for this franchise and for head coach Josh McDaniels.

Here's their star wide receiver, Davante Adams, visibly frustrated on the sidelines:

If you can read lips, it's pretty clear what Adams was saying here... and it's not appropriate to type in this article. On Monday Night Football, Adams had one catch for 11 yards, which is inexcusable. He's still a top three-ish wide receiver in the NFL and usually performs very well in primetime. Well, it doesn't help that Jimmy Garoppolo is his quarterback.

I mean, this is a horrible miss for Jimmy G, who has never really been a good QB in the NFL, but nonetheless, this is a throw that needs to be made no matter what. Garoppolo on the year now has seven touchdowns and nine interceptions on the year. In all of 2022 with the San Francisco 49ers, he had just four interceptions and a passer rating above 100.

And their stud running back, Josh Jacobs, also appears to be very frustrated:

At this point, with some brutal games coming up on their schedule, you have to wonder if the Raiders will go into sell mode at the trade deadline. This team definitely has decent talent on the roster, but their coaching staff and QB both seem to be the weakest links of this team, so that's a recipe for disaster in the NFL.


This may also be great for the Denver Broncos, who play the Raiders in Week 18. If by some chance Denver can get themselves back into playoff contention, that Week 18 game could loom very large for Denver. If nothing else, this is always something that Broncos fans love to see. The Las Vegas Raiders have been dysfunctional for years now, and that doesn't appear to be changing anytime soon.

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