Las Vegas Raiders are already embarrassing themselves during training camp

A scuffle in training camp should be an indication of how the Raiders will perform in 2023

Maxx Crosby
Maxx Crosby / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

A report during the Las Vegas Raiders' training camp practice indicates further dysfunction with the team that could very well spill into the 2023 NFL season. Even though the Denver Broncos have not beaten the Raiders in a couple of years, Vegas is still a horridly dysfunctional franchise, and it was further amplified when they hired Josh McDaniels to be their head coach.

McDaniels' head coaching tenure in Las Vegas and previously with Denver has been nothing short of a disaster. Between shocking player trades, cuts, and perhaps playing favoritism, the Raiders and McDaniels look poised to once again disappoint in 2023. Their most notable move somehow made the roster worse.

They dumped Derek Carr and signed an inferior quarterback in Jimmy Garoppolo to take over. It was a puzzling and quite embarrassing move by the Raiders, who handled the situation so poorly that they couldn't even manage to trade Carr, who is an adequate starting QB in the NFL. They had to cut a franchise QB because of all of their dysfunction.

I think just about everyone and their mother knew that the Raiders would be targeting Garoppolo, who overlapped with McDaniels when both were in New England. If there is some positive to this pairing it's that Garoppolo should have a pretty good feel for the offense that McDaniels wants to run.

During their training camp practice on Tuesday, it got a bit chippy. Two of their most notable players, Garoppolo and stud pass rusher Maxx Crosby apparently "got into it."

Getting "chippy" during training camp happens all the time, but what I find super funny here is that the coaches made Maxx Crosby take a lap after the scuffle, which clearly shows me that they are playing favorites here with Jimmy Garoppolo. Why wouldn't they also make Garoppolo run? He was a part of this scuffle, right?


I think McDaniels has clearly established that he is partial to the players that he has worked with before or are buddy-buddy with him. I mean, he traded Darren Waller for what seems like no reason. It felt like a petty move by McDaniels. And I don't necessarily think McDaniels' public image is all that great, which can't be a good thing, either.

Hopefully the dysfunction at the Raiders' training camp can spill into their 2023 regular season.

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