Kyle Pitts, 4 other trades Denver Broncos must make before deadline

Should the Denver Broncos trade for Kyle Pitts? Or anyone else?

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3. Check in with the Colts on a Jonathan Taylor trade

Once again, another non-defense trade idea. I know, I get it.

I think the Denver Broncos should seriously consider making a trade for Jonathan Taylor if the Colts are still willing to do it, and I might even go so far as to offer Javonte Williams in the trade. Would the Colts do something like Jonathan Taylor for Javonte Williams and a later pick? Or are they hellbent on getting a second-round pick in exchange for Taylor?

If they are open to the idea of a player like Williams and a pick for Taylor, I think the Broncos could be in. But Denver doesn't have a second-round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft right now and they aren't trading their first-round pick for Jonathan Taylor.

But the Colts might be interested in a deal like this because it gives them a running back on a rookie deal for this year and next year. Jonathan Taylor's issue right now is that he wants a new contract, and I think with Sean Payton and George Paton's philosophies no the position, you might see the Broncos as one of the teams willing to meet those contractual demands.

Would everyone like it? No, but not every move is going to be unanimously liked. I think Jonathan Taylor would be a major upgrade at this point over Javonte Williams, and would give the Broncos a true RB1 going forward.