Kay Adams makes a shocking statement about the Denver Broncos

Kay Adams believes in the Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos
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Kay Adams knows ball. This isn't news, but it's important context to set up the shocking statement she made recently about this 2023 Denver Broncos team, which is coming off of a bye week and arguably the team's biggest win in the post-Super Bowl 50 era.

Adams was buying the Sean Payton stock before the 2023 season even began, but the Broncos obviously got off to a brutal 1-5 start that had most people thinking the team would go into fire sale mode rather than try and salvage what was left of this particular mess of a season. Well, after ripping off two straight wins, as unlikely as it seemed three weeks ago, faith is being restored not only in Broncos Country but also seemingly in national media folks like Kay Adams.

Here's what she had to say on Up and Adams regarding the potential of the Broncos making things interesting in this year's AFC playoff race...

Here's what really struck me about what Adams said in there...

"...unless they make it into the playoffs, and they might, guys. Guess what -- they're a win over Buffalo from moving right back into the thick of the AFC playoff picture.

I do think Denver is gonna test a banged-up Bills team...They could do it. If they do, if they take down Buffalo...they're gonna send the whole AFC playoff picture into complete chaos."

Kay Adams

The reality right now for that the Denver Broncos is that any margin for error really doesn't exist. The Broncos desperately need to win as many of their remaining games against AFC opponents as possible so they don't lose out on tie-breakers at the end of the season, because two of their three wins thus far have come against NFC teams (Bears, Packers).

They have seven remaining games against AFC teams, including this game against Buffalo and three more games against AFC West opponents (Chargers x2, Raiders). The possibility of the Denver Broncos making some noise as far as the postseason is concerned is not overly far-fetched based on what we've seen the last few weeks, but it's going to require this team to play with a completely different level of focus.


Against Buffalo, we're going to see an unstoppable force meet an immovable object as Sean Payton's post-bye week success (10-3 in his last 13) gets put to the test against the Buffalo Bills's success at winning games coming off of a loss. They've only lost consecutive games three times since 2020.

It will take a huge effort from Payton and the Denver Broncos to pull off what would be a pretty substantial upset as the Bills are currently favored at home by 7.5 points. Kay Adams seems to think it can happen, and maybe even that it will.

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