8 Broncos players (and coaches) that will not be back in 2024

Which Denver Broncos players and coaches will likely be gone in 2024?

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We're about halfway through the 2023 NFL season, which means it's probably about time to put one eye on the future. The Denver Broncos are 3-5 and although it looked like they might be contenders for the top overall pick in next year's draft for a bit, this team now has plans on "flipping the switch" in the second half of the season.

And after beating the Kansas City Chiefs rather convincingly in Week 8, there's reason to believe they might be able to do exactly that.

But as we keep one eye on the future, which players currently on this roster (and even maybe a coach) won't likely be back in 2024? Some won't be back due to contract situations, and some won't be back due to performance.

8 Denver Broncos players (and coaches) not likely to be back in 2024

1. Adam Trautman, TE

The Denver Broncos struck a trade with the New Orleans Saints during the 2023 NFL Draft to acquire Adam Trautman, and the results have been mixed up to this point. Trautman has done his job as a blocker and he's certainly got familiarity with the Sean Payton offense, but he's not dynamic enough as a receiver.

The Broncos listed him as the TE1 over Greg Dulcich, but we've quickly discovered that distinction has nothing to do with Trautman's pass-catching skills. With Dulcich injured most of this season, Trautman has played the lion's share of snaps at tight end the Broncos need to make an upgrade here.

2. Josey Jewell, LB

As much as I would love to see Josey Jewell back in 2024, I don't know if it's going to happen. The Broncos drafted Drew Sanders in 2023 and he should be in line for an expanded (starting) role by 2024. Josey Jewell has been in Denver since he was drafted in 2018, and he's continually found ways to make big plays over that timeframe.

Most recently, he forced a fumble that helped the Broncos beat the Chiefs.

If Jewell is allowed to test the market, I'm just not sure the Broncos are going to allocate the funds to keep him around beyond this season.