Justin Simmons could ruin legacy with the Broncos if he signs with the wrong team

The more that time passes, the more I believe that Justin Simmons would not rule out signing with a hated Broncos rival.
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Michael Owens/GettyImages

The best remaining free agent on the market is former Broncos safety Justin Simmons, who is clearly taking his time signing. Well, he could ruin his Broncos legacy if he signs with the wrong team. Justin Simmons deserves to sign with any team he wants. He's earned the right to chase a ring, if you will, and I hope that he gets the chance to do that.

However, Simmons could end up signing with a hated Broncos rival, and to me, that would truly hurt and ultimately ruin his legacy with the Denver Broncos. Honestly, what would stop Justin Simmons from signing with the Kansas City Chiefs? Truly, what you would stop Simmons from doing this? I mean, let's say the Chiefs do offer him a contract.

Well, they've won three out of the last five Super Bowls. Simmons would also remain in the AFC West, so the familiarity would remain for him. He'd also get to play against his former team twice a year and he'd get to play with the best defensive coordinator in the NFL in Steve Spagnuolo. It'd be a late-career dream for Simmons, who has never played in the postseason.

Simmons would unfortunately greatly tarnish his legacy with the Denver Broncos if he'd sign with the Chiefs or any other AFC West team for that matter. Ideally, I believe his best fit is with the Detroit Lions, and he'd be far away from the Broncos. We'll see, though; it seems like Simmons might not sign until after the 2024 NFL Draft.

And you have to figure that there is no way he'd be a free agent much longer. He's still the best safety in the NFL and even with the saturated safety market this offseason, the demand for Simmons has to be high. My concern is, though, is that Simmons betrays the Denver Broncos and signs with a hated rival.