Jets disrespecting Nathaniel Hackett worse than Denver Broncos ever did

Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages

Nathaniel Hackett did not exactly have the smoothest tenure in Denver. The former Broncos head coach didn't even last one season and has gone down as arguably the single worst head coaching hire in NFL history. After leaving the Broncos, Hackett went on to the New York Jets to reunite with former Packer coworker Aaron Rodgers in an attempt to regain steam as a coach as an offensive coordinator.

However, after Rodgers lasted just a few seconds before blowing out his calf, Hackett's season might as well have blown out as well. The Jets were one of the worst offenses in football and finished nowhere near the playoffs. The Jets are entering the second year of Hackett in an interesting predicament: Rodgers' allegiance still resides with Hackett, who has been nothing short of a brutal play-caller, and the Jets are going to appease Rodgers by keeping Hackett. Hackett himself, however, is a brutal play-caller and likely doesn't deserve a second chance at the helm.

The Jets seem to know this, but are trying to find the shady and easy way out: hire someone between Hackett and the head coach, in order to keep Hackett as offensive coordinator, but strip him of most of his duties. Shady, right? According to Sports Net New York (SNY), the Jets made a legitimate effort at this this past spring.

Connor Hughes, their Jets beat reporter, stated that "the Jets made legitimate attempts this offseason to hire someone who would, essentially, replace Hackett. Not as a new offensive coordinator, but a title above who would run the show. The Jets had enough things they needed to address this offseason without replacing areas they’re content with. That pursuit tells me, internally, there are legitimate concerns with Hackett’s ability to successfully run things."

While Hackett embarrassed himself more than enough in Denver, the Broncos made sure to make the departure quick, easy, and without much media fanfare. However, the exact opposite seems to be happening in the Meadowlands. The Jets seem to have no issue making it clear that their internal conflicts around Hackett are publicly known, and aren't even attempting to turn down rumors and reports.

Most anyone deserves better than this, and the treatment from the Jets almost feels subhuman. Hackett's time in New York, and possibly the NFL, feels hinged on the trust that Rodgers has in him. Once the trust from Rodgers runs out, it's almost guaranteed that the Jets move on from Hackett. The Jets are clearly already planning for that scenario.