It's ridiculous what the Denver Broncos are doing to Jerry Jeudy

- The Denver Broncos are providing an example for the rest of the league on how to ruin a young wide receiver's career

Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos are on an impressive five-game winning streak after starting the year 1-5. It's even more impressive when you see that they practically do it without their 15th overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Jerry Jeudy has been playing during this winning stretch for the Broncos as he stands out in the film for all five games. Despite that, Denver is still not effectively utilizing him.

He has created a lot of openings for other receivers that the normal eye might not see during this winning streak. Jeudy has been doing stuff that doesn't show up on the box score, which is fine.

But now it is getting to the point where it's getting out of control on how he is not involved in the offense.

Denver's identity on offense is to run the ball, which it should be. That doesn't mean not to involve your best playmaker within the offense.

The Detroit Lions are a perfect example. They are a run-first team that loves playing smash-mouth football. Ben Johnson, the offensive coordinator, still makes sure to get Amon-Ra St. Brown and their other playmakers the ball in space.

With the Broncos, they don't even attempt to do it.

While winning five consecutive games, Jerry Jeudy has recorded:

  • 5 receptions for 64 yards vs. GB
  • 2 receptions for 50 yards and 1 TD vs. KC
  • 3 receptions for 35 yards vs. BUF
  • 5 receptions for 58 yards vs. MIN
  • 2 receptions for 11 yards vs. CLE

This is not a sustainable recipe and needs to be fixed immediately.

Jeudy has been, and will continue to be open every game. He is top-10 in average separation this year, as he is every year now. The problem is not getting open for the former first-round pick.

The problem is not drops because that "theory" has been disproven time in and time out.

The problem is simply the Denver Broncos.

Sean Payton shouldn't get most of the blame either because this has been happening for four years now in the Mile High. He is still learning his players, and have put him in spots to impact the game despite it not showing in the box score.

While watching the film, Jeudy is open for the majority of the game. Despite not getting his number called as much as it should be, he is still finding ways to create separation. So it begs the question:

When will the Denver Broncos involve the 2018 Biletnikoff Award Winner in the offense?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question may be never.

Fans are talking about how the Broncos need to draft a wide receiver so we can get some production from that unit. While times are different now with Payton and how the offense is changing, proceed with caution.

  • Player A: 68 REC / 1,313 YDS / 14 TD
  • Player B: 77 REC / 1,263 YDS / 14 TD
  • Player C: 67 REC / 1,267 YDS / 15 TD
  • Player D: 62 REC / 1,325 YDS / 14 TD

Fans in Broncos Country would love to draft any of these wide receivers mentioned above because those college statistics are fantastic.

Player B is Marvin Harrison Jr. and his 2022 stats. Player C is Jailn Hyatt, who won the Biletnikoff award in 2022. Player D is CeeDee Lamb in 2019 with those statistics from Oklahoma.

Player A was 2018 Biletnikoff award winner Jerry Jeudy.


So, just because the Broncos drafted a very talented wide receiver coming out of college doesn't mean it is going to work out, especially in Denver.

Leave it up for the Broncos to ruin their promising career like they are doing now with Jerry Jeudy.

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