How much better can the Denver Broncos' defensive lineup get?

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With remaining free agents and potential trade pieces, how much better could the Denver Broncos' defensive starting lineup get? Honestly, I don't really think much would be stopping the Denver Broncos to make a couple more insane moves on defense to create the best possible starting lineup given the remaining players.

Right now, I am say, bias aside, that the Broncos have a top 10-12 roster in the NFL, and if you couple coaching with it, they may be a top seven team, all things considered. They have made a ton of very quality free agent moves this offseason and do have some slight needs to make more, if they wanted.

Given remaining free agents and players that could potentially be had in trades, how much better could the Broncos' starting lineup on defense get?

How much better can the Denver Broncos' defensive lineup get?
Defensive Line: Zach Allen / DJ Jones / Danielle Hunter

So, right now, Frank Clark is projected to be the other defensive lineman in this unit, starting next to DJ Jones and Zach Allen. Well, the best possible lineup that Denver could field on the DL would be managing to trade for sack-master and Minnesota Vikings' player, Danielle Hunter.

Here is another connection with George Paton, and Hunter is currently desiring a new contract which the Vikings have not been able to meet as of now. I'm not sure how much he would cost in a trade, but I did put together a few trade packages that I think would be enough to land the former LSU Tiger.

This defensive line with Allen, Jones, and Hunter would become one of the five best in the entire NFL.