How many primetime games do the Denver Broncos have in 2023?

Indianapolis Colts v Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos played a lot of primetime games in the 2022 season thanks to the league's excitement over the arrival of quarterback Russell Wilson. As a matter of fact, the Broncos were in primetime for four of the first six weeks of the season, and some of those games marked the team's biggest heartbreak of the year.

Week 1 against Seattle on Monday night. Week 5 against the Colts on Thursday night. Week 6 against the Chargers on Monday night.

Good times.

The Broncos lost all three of those games by a combined seven points and those three losses early in the season would sort of dictate how the rest of the year would go. Missed opportunities, horrible offense, and frankly not very good TV in prime time slots unless you were one of the many people who weirdly enjoyed watching Russell Wilson struggle last season.

Despite the fact that the Broncos struggled last year in primetime chances to put up points, the NFL is giving them additional chances in 2023. The arrival of Sean Payton in Denver has kept the Broncos in the spotlight with four more primetime appearances on the 2023 NFL schedule.

Denver Broncos playing 4 primetime games in 2023

1. Week 6 @ Kansas City Chiefs (Thursday Night Football)

The Denver Broncos get to travel to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs relatively early in the season, which is good news. Or does it really matter? The Broncos haven't beaten the Kansas City Chiefs since 2015, which ironically happened to be a Thursday night showdown in Kansas City...

The streak has to end at some point, right?

2. Week 10 @ Buffalo Bills (Monday Night Football)

The Denver Broncos and Buffalo Bills take each other on in a Monday Night Football matchup with the Broncos coming off of the bye week. In the last 12 seasons he coached, Sean Payton was 9-3 after the bye. It doesn't necessarily mean much now that he's with the Broncos, but then again, maybe it does...

Josh Allen has dominated the Broncos since they passed on him in the 2018 NFL Draft.

3. Week 11 vs. Minnesota Vikings (Sunday Night Football)

The Denver Broncos only get the chance to play the Minnesota Vikings once every four years, so the NFL obviously decided to commemorate the occasion. Broncos GM George Paton spent the majority of his pro career with the Vikings before coming to Denver. How will the Broncos look on a shorter week after playing Buffalo the week before?

Justin Jefferson vs. Pat Surtain II is must-see TV.

4. Week 16 vs. New England Patriots (Christmas Eve)

It's hard to pinpoint a Christmas game the Broncos have played lately that went overly well. Certainly, last year's debacle on Christmas Day in Los Angeles was a disaster and resulted in Nathaniel Hackett being fired before the end of his first season on the job.

The Patriots come to Denver in December and hopefully at this point, the Broncos will still be in the playoff race.

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