How can the Denver Broncos upset the Dolphins in Week 3?

Is there really a way the Broncos can upset the Miami Dolphins on the road? Will the Broncos struggling defense be able to stop the best offense in the league statistically?

Miami Dolphins v Denver Broncos
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The winless Denver Broncos are headed to South Beach for their first road game of the 2023-24 season against the undefeated Miami Dolphins, who boast the number-one offense in the league.

The Broncos offense with Sean Payton has looked way better compared to last season's with Nathaniel Hackett, but the defense has looked terrible in the first two games, a big problem for the team alongside the third quarter.

As I mentioned before, Miami has the number one offense in the NFL right now, averaging 462.5 yards per game, 133 more per game compared to the Broncos. Their average points per game is 30, which is six more points than the Broncos. With that being said, let's take a look at how the Denver Broncos can win this game...

1. Second Half, especially third quarter:

The Denver Broncos have been awful in the second half, especially in the third quarter in both previous games, against the Raiders and against the Commanders. The Broncos' offense has been great in the first half, scoring 13 points against Las Vegas and 21 against Washington.

Both, the Dolphins and Broncos have been bad teams in the third quarter so far in the season, as Denver has scored three, and Miami seven third-quarter points respectively. The Broncos have had 13-10, and 21-14 leads going into halftime, but have been outscored 7-3 and 21-12 in the second half of both games.

Regarding offensive three-and-outs in the second half, the Broncos have had one, which was against Washington in the opening drive of the 3rd quarter in Week 2.

Quarterback Russell Wilson spoke on the situation ...

""We have to play cleaner in the 3rd quarter. Coming out, the 3rd quarter is a really important quarter, especially when we get the ball first.""

Russell Wilson (via Broncos PR)

The Broncos should take advantage that Miami has not been a good third-quarter team, but they should improve defensively...