Grade the trade idea: Broncos take Bo Nix's top target away from him

This would be hilariously bad.
Denver Broncos
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In regards to the potential of trading wide receiver Courtland Sutton, the Denver Broncos have already chosen a proverbial hill to die on. They are not trading him.

That's not going to stop the offseason content mill from churning, and a recent article from Bleacher Report gives us something to mull over. While it may have made sense during (or before) the 2024 NFL Draft to trade away Sutton, fresh off a 10-touchdown season and possibly maxed out in overall value, it makes less and less sense by the day the closer we get to the 2024 regular season.

Here's what Bleacher Report said in a recent article looking at one player every team should consider trading still this offseason:

"There have been trade rumors surrounding Sutton for months, despite multiple reports that the Broncos aren't interested in dealing him. And on some level, that makes sense—Denver already traded Jerry Jeudy to the Cleveland Browns, leaving Sutton as easily the most accomplished wideout on Denver's roster. Rookie quarterback Bo Nix is going to need a go-to target.

However, it's at least possible that Nix already has one in former Oregon teammate Troy Franklin, who was also drafted by Denver. And while the Broncos can tell themselves whatever they want about their prospects as a team in 2024, this is a rebuilding team. There won't be any AFC West title. Or playoffs.

Sutton is under contract through 2025, but given his displeasure with his current deal, that doesn't really matter. What does is that teams have already kicked the tires on a deal for Sutton. As we move into the summer, one of those teams may well sweeten the pot.

And at some point, the Broncos may realize that a sacrifice in the present will help the team's prospects for the future."

Gary Davenport (B/R)

We've heard just about every angle of the Courtland Sutton situation throughout the course of the 2024 offseason, and we've been discussing the possibility that he could be traded since last year's deadline. The fact that his contract situation is unresolved certainly makes you wonder, but it also has seemed pretty definitive where the Broncos stand with this.

As I said earlier, they picked a hill to "die on". They cut Justin Simmons and Russell Wilson this offseason. They traded Jerry Jeudy. They restructured other contracts. They opened up and freed up cap space by other means so they could keep Sutton around. They want Sutton around. They like Sutton.

And they are right to want him around. They are right to like him. As frustrating as it can be when players hold out, the reality of this situation is that Sutton hasn't held out at all. Not in terms of losing any money. He was on the field for the two days of mandatory minicamp. He missed voluntary OTAs and was in communication with the team the entire time.

I'm going to go ahead and grade the idea of trading Sutton at this juncture an "F" unless the Broncos could somehow get a 3rd-round draft pick for him. And if they could get that, why wouldn't they have done it before the 2024 NFL Draft and get an actual impact player for this year?

It's sort of a wild thought that Troy Franklin could step in as a 4th-round pick and be this team's WR1, which we've had no indication is anywhere near happening. From the sounds of things, Franklin might be starting off as the team's WR5 at best. The Broncos need Sutton to help rookie quarterback Bo Nix find his NFL legs. They need a playmaker like this who can win in contested catch situations. They need Sutton's veteran leadership.

The Broncos have prioritized keeping him despite trade offers in the past. Why would they all of a sudden just get the urge to deal him somewhere else now? Again, the offer would have to be substantial to intentionally make your rookie quarterback's receiver room worse. If I were the Broncos, I'd much rather take my chances at this point that Sutton could have the best year of his career with Nix under center as opposed to getting a late-round draft pick and cap relief, which is coming in 2025 anyway.