Game-by-game predictions for Denver Broncos in the 2024 NFL Season

Let's predict the Denver Broncos entire 2024 season.
Denver Broncos Rookie Minicamp
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Week 13 vs. Cleveland Browns

The Denver Broncos beat the snot out of the Cleveland Browns when the two teams met in 2023. However, the Browns were without Deshaun Watson, who might be de-washed up. If so, the Browns won't be nearly as good as some think. Jameis Winston is slated to be their backup QB, and it would not surprise me to see Winston starting for them this late in the season.

Can the Denver Broncos win their second-straight game against the Browns? If last year was any indication, they surely can.

Prediction: Broncos win 27-17
Record: 7-6

Week 14 - BYE

The late bye week is brutal, as the Denver Broncos will have to play their first 13 games without a break. If they can enjoy the same injury luck in 2024 as they did in 2023, the late bye week might not be a huge deal, but man, it's hard to see how late it is for Denver in 2024.

The Broncos sit at 7-6 with a crucial four games left in the 2024 NFL Season. They were at this exact point in 2023 at 7-6, but did end up losing three of the final four. At minimum, Denver needs to split the last four games and finish 9-8 with any sliver of hope to make the postseason.

Prediction; The Denver Broncos WIN the bye week!

Week 15 vs. Indianapolis Colts

The Denver Broncos have two games at home and two games away after their bye week, so it's an even split, which is nice, considering the AFC plays eight home games this year. Anyway, the Indianapolis Colts could be a dangerous team in 2024 if second-year QB Anthony Richardson pans out. He missed a majority of the season, and the Colts still managed nine wins with Gardner Minshew taking most of the snaps.

In Week 15, we'll have a great idea as to who the Colts are. I'd expect them to be a dangerous team, but you just never know. This one feels like a coin flip.

Prediction: Colts win 24-21
Record: 7-7