Former Denver Broncos QB somehow still has a chance to start games in 2024

Seriously? Still?
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

Well-respect NFL figure Daniel Jeremiah gave us perhaps the most shocking statement of this offseason thus far, and it involves a controversial Denver Broncos QB. In the year 2024, this could still happen? Wow is all I have to say. It'd be a shock, but at the same time, not a shock at all. Here is Daniel Jeremiah opining on the New York Giants current QB situation:

"I believe Drew Lock has a really good shot on winning that job. ... They were comparing Daniel Jones and Drew Lock, emphasis on Drew Lock, to the QBs that were going to be there (at 6) and the line for them was Drake Maye. Hoo boy!"

Daniel Jeremiah via Gregg Rosenthal

First of all, this seems to be a violently horrible process from the New York Giants, who had wanted to initially trade up in the 2024 NFL Draft to select Drake Maye. With them not being able to, they decided to hold firm and not take a quarterback, which is certainly a choice by Giants GM Joe Schoen.

Well, Schoen made an all-time mistake last offseason when he inked Daniel Jones to a four-year, $160 million contract. In what has become one of the worst contracts in sports, the Giants might already be throwing the towel in on Jones, as according to Jeremiah, former Denver Broncos QB Drew Lock has a legitimate chance to start football games for the G-Men in 2024.

And frankly, Drew Lock is better than Daniel Jones, but it is wild to read that the controversial former Broncos QB who once injected a ton of confidence into the fanbase is now left as a veteran journeyman. As a backup, Lock is pretty solid, if nothing else. The Giants figure to have an open QB competition this offseason with Jones, Lock, and maybe even Tommy DeVito.

It's nice that the Denver Broncos seem to have a legitimate QB plan in place and no longer have to be subject themselves to the QB competitions featuring two players who could not inspire us to make a ham sandwich.