Former Denver Broncos QB has Russell Wilson as a top 15 quarterback

Broncos' QB Russell Wilson
Broncos' QB Russell Wilson / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages

On May 17th, NBC Sports analyst and former Bucs, Titans, and Denver Broncos quarterback Chris Simms started his Top 40 quarterbacks in the NFL list going into the 2023-24 season. Starting at number 40, every two or three days he has been adding five quarterbacks to the list.

During the third update day, Simms added a Broncos quarterback to the list, specifically Jarrett Stidham, at number 32. This means that for Simms, the new Broncos' backup quarterback is at least better than the starters from two teams. Stidham is ranked over both Falcons quarterbacks, Desmond Ridder (40) and Taylor Heinicke (33), and is ranked over both Colts quarterbacks, Anthony Richardson (36) and Gardner Minshew (34) respectively.

He continued adding to the list quarterbacks ranked from 19 to 14. Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson was one of the five guys added to the list. Specifically, Wilson was placed at number 14.

The category name where Russ is ranked says "Clock's Ticking". Is Russell Wilson's clock in Denver really ticking? What needs to happen in order for general manager George Paton to say it's over with Russ after this season?

It is very interesting that despite a bad year in 2022-2023, Russ is ranked top 15, especially over Tua Tagovailoa. I do see Russell Wilson having a bounce-back year now with Sean Payton as head coach, the upgraded offensive line, and healthy receivers. I think that last year, Wilson placed himself before the team, especially with his private office in the team's facility and his personal coaches too. Nathaniel Hackett was a hyped guy but it really seemed that he did not have control over his players. Sean Payton does, and now it looks like Wilson's personal coaches are not allowed to be in the facilities and that he is in way better shape than last year.

Many criticized Wilson last year because of his poor play level on the field, and all the off-field drama (the "Let's Ride" thing, the high knees on the London plane, etc), but once again, it was not entirely his fault. First time changing teams, a new head coach with zero head coaching experience on the new team, a new roster, injuries, a bad offensive line, and a new playbook. Now, with a proven guy like Sean Payton under control, a revamped offensive line, better shape, and a healthy offense, it seems like Russell Wilson can have a bounce-back year, prove doubters wrong, and give the Broncos the real Russell Wilson play style and value for his trade.

Can Russell Wilson be a top 15 quarterback in 2023-24? Top 10?

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