Former Denver Broncos' draft pick named a fit for an AFC contender

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Former Denver Broncos' second-round pick Dalton Risner was named a free agency fit for the Cincinnati Bengals. Is a team finally going to sign the player? I'm sure Dalton Risner envisioned his free agency going differently than it has.

He spoke to the media during the season and indicated that he was a bit surprised that the team hadn't offered him a contract extension. Honestly, that came off a bit arrogant.

The quote I'm referring to is in the tweet above. Not only did Risner not get a contract extension from the Broncos, but Denver unloaded more than $50 million to sign Risner's replacement at left guard in Ben Powers.

Furthermore, the "legal tampering period" was about two months ago, and Risner still remains unsigned. Honestly, his best bet and only choice might be to accept a small, one year offer from a team who could give him a realistic chance to start. That obviously isn't going to come from the Denver Broncos.

Bleacher Report named Risner a fit for the Cincinnati Bengals. Here's what they had to say about this potential match:

"The Cincinnati Bengals used gap runs 40 percent of the time in 2022, which was the eighth-highest rate in the league, according to Sports Info Solutions. Cincinnati could also use an upgrade at left guard. The Bengals may like 2022 fourth-round pick Cordell Volson, but he was responsible for five penalties and allowed five sacks, according to Pro Football Focus. Risner was responsible for only one penalty and allowed three sacks, per PFF, and he could help improve Cincinnati's interior run blocking. For a team that averaged only 3.8 yards per carry in 2022, that's a big selling point. The Bengals improved their line by signing Orlando Brown Jr. in free agency, but they're a championship contender and can afford to do more."

Kristopher Knox

For the sake of Risner, this would be a great situation. He clearly needs to rebuild his value and it's clear that he likely thought he'd have been signed to a multi-year deal by a team at this point. Playing for a high caliber offense and an elite quarterback should do nothing but help Risner in the long run.

Perhaps the Bengals do bring in Risner. Let's say that Risner plays well in 2023 with the Bengals; at that point, still in his 20s, he'd surely be able to land a long-term contract extension, perhaps one similar to what Powers signed in free agency the next season.

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