3 offseason moves the Denver Broncos might end up regretting

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I think the Denver Broncos have had a very good offseason, but it hasn't been perfect. Will they end up regretting some of the moves they've made, or perhaps haven't made? I think it's an objective fact that Denver has gotten better as a football team this offseason.

They added reinforcements along the offensive line, perhaps the weakest point of their roster. They also brought in a Super Bowl-winning head coach to run the show instead of a former hip-hop dancer.

They seem to have gotten solid grades across the board for their haul in the 2023 NFL Draft as well. All in all, there isn't much to take issue with from the Broncos this offseason. There aren't many more moves they can make to improve their roster, but I think based on what they've done and changed thus far, there are some moves they could end up regretting.

Or, they may end up regretting moves that they haven't made.

Three offseason moves the Denver Broncos might end up regretting
1. Not doing more at the center position

So far, the Denver Broncos have added Kyle Fuller, a career backup, and seventh-round rookie draft pick Alex Forsyth at the center spot. I actually think that Forsyth begins the year as the starter, but with those two additions plus Lloyd Cushenberry returning, I'm not sure if this will be enough to get competent play out of the center spot.

Couple that with the New York Jets re-signing former Broncos guard/center Connor McGovern to a shockingly small amount, and it becomes even more frustrating. The team can still look to free agency-- perhaps they'd be interested in signing Ben Jones, one of the best centers in football who is still on the market.

But if they plan on going into the offseason with this group, they might regret not doing enough when the season begins.