Former Denver Broncos draft pick might finally get his wish in 2024

The Denver Broncos did not retain former guard Dalton Risner in free agency last year.

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The Denver Broncos let former second-round draft pick, Dalton Risner, out the door last year, replacing him with Ben Powers. And after a strong 2023 with the Minnesota Vikings, Risner might get his wish. I think Broncos Country were confusing Risner the person with Risner the player. Frankly, he was not good in a Broncos uniform, outside of his respectable 2019 rookie season.

Well, the team signed Ben Powers to a huge deal worth over $50 million, and he was solid in 2023. Risner did not sign with a team until the 2023 NFL season was underway, and it ended up being the Minnesota Vikings. And to Risner's credit, he actually played well for them. PFF credited him with three penalties but zero sacks allowed.

Furthermore, according to ESPN, Risner ranked 9th among all interior offensive linemen in 2023 in pass-block win rate. It does seem like he held his own with the Vikings, and given the fact that their offensive line has been shaky at best, I think it's going to be an easy decision for them to re-sign the former Kansas State product. There was also this quote from Risner when he was still with the Broncos:

Dalton Risner seemed to think he had earned a long-term contract extension with the Denver Broncos, and being that he is from Colorado, I am sure he was hurt that the Broncos did not extend him. Well, the Vikings might be that team, so the former Broncos guard might finally get what he wanted from his old team.

Good for him, I guess, although he was a turnstyle with the Broncos. Risner was constantly on his backside and just constantly got beat like a drum in pass protection. The Broncos investments along their offensive line, and the development of Lloyd Cushenberry and Quinn Meinerz, gave Denver one of the better OLs in football this year.

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And the Broncos would be wise to extend one of their own interior OL draft picks, Quinn Meinerz, who was among the very best in the NFL this year. The Denver Broncos will be fine along the OL, and it'll be without Dalton Risner.