Former Denver Broncos DL recalls emotional trade experience

Former Broncos DL Shelby Harris explains what it felt like being traded by Broncos in 2022.
Denver Broncos
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Two years following the Denver Broncos' trade for former quarterback Russell Wilson, former Broncos defensive end Shelby Harris appeared on a recent podcast to voice his feelings on what it was like to be a part of the trade for Wilson. Harris said he "cried like a baby" when discussing his immediate reactions to being traded.

"George Paton called me. I'm like bro, there's no way. I'm thinking I'm getting traded to the purgatory like we're about to be trash in Seattle. I just remember this one feeling, like everyone staring at me. Man, like when I say I cried like a baby...I was like man, is this going to mess up everything with my family? We have it so good here."

Shelby Harris on trade to Seahawks

After being traded from Denver to Seattle in 2022, Harris went on to start in 15 games and recorded four pass breakups, two sacks, 44 tackles, and five tackles for loss. However, the veteran defensive lineman produced just eight pressures that season and as a result, had to find a new home as a free agent in the 2023 offseason. Harris then signed a one-year contract with the Cleveland Browns and had a very effective season alongside superstar defensive end Myles Garrett, leading to a two-year, $9M extension this offseason.

Despite the Broncos struggling to find Harris' replacement in recent years, it appears they have found their guy with new star defensive end John Franklin-Myers who the team acquired during the 2024 NFL Draft. As for trading Harris away in 2022, it was still the right decision to make and regardless, the Broncos likely would not have awarded him a new contract in 2023.


Broncos general manager George Paton had to do whatever it took to acquire his intended franchise quarterback and despite the experiment failing with Russell Wilson, losing 32-year-old Shelby Harris has proven not to be as big of an issue as initially thought.

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