Former Denver Bronco, WWE Superstar Darren 'Droz' Drozdov passes away at 54

Darren Drozdov spent nearly half of his life as a paraplegic following a tragic incident in a WWE wrestling ring, but he will always be remembered for a specific event as a member of the Denver Broncos.
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He wasn't with the Denver Broncos for long, but Darren Drozdov made a lasting impression on his teammates.

Drozdov joined the Broncos in 1993 out of Maryland and played in six games for the team as a defensive lineman. His NFL career also included stints with both the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Jets but the most notable moment from his playing career came during a preseason game on Monday Night Football, where he actually vomited right on top of the ball.

Drozdov passed away on Friday, reportedly of natural causes. He was 54 years old. The Broncos released this statement.

Following his NFL career, Drozdov joined the ranks of World Wrestling Entertainment where he would simply become known as 'Droz'. He debuted in 1998 and his ability to vomit on demand was something that helped him catch the eye of Vince McMahon.

Droz was navigating the waters of WWE and was used mostly as a tag team and he was added to the legendary Legion of Doom tag team as the third member.

But in October 1999, his career and life changed permanently when he was accidentally dropped on his neck during a manuever in a match against D'Lo Brown. The move left Drozdov paralyzed and sadly, never regained the ability to walk.

Drozdov had a short stint in Denver, but he was an inspiration to many for the way he handled his life-altering situation, which he lived with for 24 years.

Drozdov was just the second player in team history to ever wear jersey No. 97 behind linebacker Bruce Klosterman.

As part of a statement released on Friday, his family had this to say:

"He would not want anyone to be sad at this moment and would want to this to be a celebration of his life, to be remembered for all the great things that he accomplished, the fun, the laughter, the great memories he shared with everyone".

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