Former Broncos running backs made big plays for other teams in Week 2

A number of former Denver Broncos RBs crushed it in Week 2 of the 2023 season.

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Not that the Denver Broncos have been "struggling" offensively through the first two weeks, but it's always interesting to monitor former players of the team, especially when it comes to players who were just recently with the team. The Broncos have had a number of running backs they've let go over the last 6-9 months that have caught on with other teams and are having some tremendous success at their new spots.

And that success was fully on display in Week 2 of the NFL season.

Former Denver Broncos RBs crushing it in Week 2

For the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football, it was Tony Jones Jr. leading the position group in rushing. Taysom Hill led the team in total rushing yards, but it was Jones who set the pace for Saints running backs in the absence of Alvin Kamara. It was only 34 yards rushing, but Jones had two touchdowns for New Orleans in a tight victory over the Carolina Panthers.

The irony here is that it was the Broncos who poached off of the Saints' practice squad early last season (Latavius Murray) when they were in need of help at the position due to injuries. And just like Murray helped the Broncos in short-yardage situations, it looks like Jones Jr. is helping the Saints there already in a big way.

Speaking of Latavius Murray, he scored one of the Buffalo Bills' five touchdowns on Sunday against the Raiders, contributing to the dominating win with six carries for 22 yards as well as two catches for nine yards. He almost had a second touchdown as well, but it was called back.

Everyone in Denver knows the value Murray still brings to the table despite the fact that he's 33 years old. He's still getting the job done.


Other former Denver Broncos backs around the league didn't fare quite so well. Rookie Emanuel Wilson, who was picked up by the Broncos as a very unsung UDFA signing, made the Green Bay Packers' roster shockingly this year, but was limited to just five yards on three carries. Still, the fact that he's getting action out there at all with Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon on the depth chart is impressive.

Melvin Gordon, who was promoted to the Ravens' roster after JK Dobbins' latest injury, didn't see any action in the running game on Sunday.

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