Former Broncos QB Drew Lock blows it big time vs. Rams

Former Denver Broncos QB Drew Lock blew it big-time vs. the Rams

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Checking in on former Denver Broncos quarterback Drew Lock, who is typically on the sideline as the backup quarterback to Geno Smith for the Seattle Seahawks on a weekly basis. We don't see Lock play much outside of preseason games or the occasional mop-up duty, and as a matter of fact, he hasn't played regular-season snaps for the Seahawks until this season.

The Seahawks were forced to turn to Lock in their most recent game against the Los Angeles Rams, a road game that was tilting in favor of the Rams but with the Seahawks in the driver's seat. In the 4th quarter, Lock had to come into the game for an injured Geno Smith who had his throwing arm wrapped on the sideline.

The Seahawks oddly came out and had Lock throwing off of play-action on his first snap, and Lock immediately put the ball in harm's way. His pass was tipped by the defensive player in pursuit and nearly intercepted off the deflection. Fortunately for Lock, the ball fell harmlessly to the ground. On the next play, Lock threw a quick pass out to his right which went for a loss.

On the third play, Lock once again came out firing, this time deep down the left sideline to Seahawks star receiver Tyler Lockett, one of the best and most underrated receivers in the game. Lock had a step on Rams defensive back Derion Kendrick, but Drew Lock made this throw...

This interception was horrendous and it's not all on Lock. Why the Seahawks came out and were just chucking the ball like this with the backup QB on the field and only a two-point lead is inexplicable, but it's also not the first time the Seahawks have called a pass when they should have called a run or two...

But this was a horrible throw by Lock which set up a game-winning drive for the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams marched the ball down the field and scored with less than two minutes remaining. After the Rams scored, Geno Smith trotted out onto the field with a compression sleeve on his right arm, and he got the Seahawks into (very long) field goal range.

But kicker Jason Myers missed it...

The Seahawks dropped to 6-4 and former Broncos QB Drew Lock is coming under fire as a major reason why they have now given some much-needed ground to the San Francisco 49ers before the two meet up on Thanksgiving on a short week.


It hasn't been the greatest year for a number of former Denver Broncos and I suppose now you could add Drew Lock to that list. The former second-round pick out of Missouri was also just recently joined in Seattle by former Denver Broncos quarterback Brett Rypien, who signed to Seattle's practice squad. Rypien and Lock became really good friends when they came into the league together back in 2019 as members of the Broncos.

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