Former Broncos 2nd-round pick offering to come a TE

Former 2nd-round pick Cody Latimer is offering a comeback, at the TE position...

Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos could use some help at the tight end position. Greg Dulcich is going to be out indefinitely with a hamstring injury, so what will the team's response be? There are some intriguing options available in free agency, and the Broncos brought in Lucas Krull to the practice squad a couple of weeks ago after he led the NFL among tight ends in the preseason in both receptions and receiving yards.

But additional reinforcements would be welcomed considering how important Greg Dulcich was to the offense. Especially with the Broncos already having lost Tim Patrick and a variety of others at the offensive skill positions, it makes it an especially tough pill to swallow even for a brief period of time.

The Broncos didn't sign any impact free agents at receiver. They cut Marquez Callaway after camp and traded their most intriguing backup tight end -- Albert Okwuegbunam -- because they didn't feel like he'd have a role on the team this season. Well, how about now?

At any rate, one of the intriguing options that has been brought to the table is a unique situation where a reunion could be in order. The Broncos once drafted Cody Latimer in the second round (2014) out of Indiana to play the wide receiver position. Latimer was drafted the same year the team signed Emmanuel Sanders, and he was expected to grow into a prominent role for the high-flying Broncos offense (at the time) rather quickly.

Unfortunately, that didn't end up happening. Aside from the occasional burst of his potential, we never really consistently saw the talent of Cody Latimer on display at the NFL level, but he's continued playing professional football in the years since he left the Denver Broncos. After playing multiple seasons with the New York Giants (and making some plays there), Latimer was most recently in the XFL with Orlando, where he was one of the top overall receivers in the entire league this past season.

And the funny thing is? He was among the league's leading receivers as a tight end...

Here's where the story becomes intriguing for the Denver Broncos: Latimer has seen the team's need with Dulcich going down, and he's offering to make a comeback to the Broncos and fill in for the time being.

This is obviously a very different situation, but remember when the Broncos called running back Tatum Bell out of the T-Mobile kiosk at a local mall to come back and play for them in 2008? And he did? And he wasn't bad? Crazier things have happened.


If nothing else, it would be interesting to see the Denver Broncos bring Latimer in for a workout. It's slim-pickings this time of year for free agents, and Latimer played a season with a professional team this year, so getting his game legs wouldn't be much of an issue.

There is very little risk attached to this for the Broncos. They could obviously pursue other avenues to try and find talent, but I'm all for searching high and low as this team is always in desperate need of more playmakers offensively, it seems.

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