Exclusive Interview with Broncos roster sleeper Delonte Hood

- A conversation with an under-the-radar corner who can make the Denver Broncos' 53-man roster

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Interview with Denver Broncos cornerback Delonte Hood

JA: What are your main goals for the upcoming NFL season?

""Well, first would be to prove I can be on this team in the Preseason games. Once that happens, my goal is to help this team win any way possible and lastly to be on the All-Pro list if given the opportunity to play.""

Delonte Hood

JA: Speed is one of your biggest traits according to your Pre-Draft test results...How can being a fast corner help you succeed on the football field while covering the opposing team's wide receivers?

""Well, being a fast corner in the NFL is a plus because it allows you to be more patient the faster you are. And with more experience, you can be even more dominant in this league. For me, I wasn't always as fast as I am now, I trained of course to obtain this type of speed.""

Delonte Hood

JA: What were your initial impressions on the new Denver Broncos coaching staff, when coach Payton was hired? Now that you guys have had rookie minicamps, OTAs, and training camp practices with the new staff, were your expectations met? Is there anything you like the most about this coaching staff?

""When Sean was hired, I pretty much was a future deal guy, but I still looked at him as a top-tier coach and remember him being my favorite coach growing up with him on the Saints. Meeting him in person was even better and just the way that every little detail matters to him on and off the field to win. And now I can see why he's had a successful career with the Saints. The rest of the coaching staff is amazing. They all pitch in to help other positions out ... my position group coach Christian Parker and the Defensive Coordinator Vance Joseph are great. The way they coach and teach, plus their experiences help me as well, become a better player daily.""

Delonte Hood

JA: How was Christian Parker (DBs coach) helped you to grow and develop as a successful cornerback?

""Coach CP in the film room is very good with making sure you know your assignment, alignment, and technique you need to have or have in your toolbox each play and being situationally aware when a situation comes up. This has also allowed me to gain confidence and be more sound in our defensive schemes and know my own abilities as well as my teammates. So as long as we're brought in, we can only get better with him.""

Delonte Hood

JA: Many reports have stated that you have been very successful in 1v1s and in red zone drills during camp. For you, what are the main keys to success in those two areas of the game?

""One on ones has been known to be a receiver drill because of them having a lot of space to work with within the rep, our coach emphasizes us using our techniques and not panicking in any situation, and that has been the reason for my good reps. Personally, I think they could be better. With the red zone, my emphasis down there is that the field is shortened, so routes have to work more laterally than anything. And so just understanding that has allowed me to play faster down there, also the coaches are starting to help us understand the more likable routes in the red zone. So in the end, the main keys in the red zone are to have good eyes, good feet, and an understanding of what your defense is trying to accomplish or taking away.""

Delonte Hood

JA: What are your overall expectations for the Denver Broncos' defense in the upcoming 2023-24 season?

""I expect this defense to be top 5 at the least in every category. The players and the chemistry we have at hand is nice, really.""

Delonte Hood

JA: How can a young cornerback like Delonte Hood take advantage and improve as a player by having two All-Pros (one first-team, and one second-team) in Pat Surtain and Justin Simmons in the secondary?

""Me talking to both of them every day on how they see the game and just different situations has been paying off as well. Learning their keys and things has helped me, also knowing that with my abilities I can get a few of those accolades myself.""

Delonte Hood

JA: Is there any specific memory so far from the 2023 Training camp that you will never forget?

""The rookies doing their rookie show lol. I felt the second-hand embarrassment.""

Delonte Hood

JA: As a cornerback, you have to avoid for the receiver to catch the football. Denver has a ton of talented wideouts. Which has been the most challenging wide receiver to cover during drills and practices in general?

""Well, I haven't covered Jeudy or anything like that yet, but the toughest to guard for me has been Brandon Johnson, because of his experience and route deception that he's getting good at, which has made me better.""

Delonte Hood

JA: What has been the most important lesson that you have learned over your time with the Broncos so far?

""That team chemistry means a lot.""

Delonte Hood

JA: Obviously you play on defense, but how much of an improved offense do you see from last year? How do you see Denver's offense going forward?

""I feel like us on the other side being a 7th-ranked defense last year, looking to improve will only make them (the offense) better and have them prepared.""

Delonte Hood

JA: Versatility is a trait that not every cornerback has. You can play on the outside, even in the slot, and in special teams. In which position do you feel more comfortable playing? why?

""Well, learning the defense and the playbook allows me to feel more comfortable if that makes sense, that way I can let my abilities and knowledge for the game take over at that point.""

Delonte Hood

I am very grateful for the opportunity to interview a very underrated player such as Delonte. I hope that you guys enjoy reading it!


Thank you, Delonte for your time, dedication, and appreciation for Predominantly Orange to do this interview! I wish nothing but the best to you and for the rest of the team in the upcoming 2023-2024 NFL Season! Go Broncos!

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