Examining 5 quarterback options for the Denver Broncos in 2024

-Releasing Russell Wilson outright?

-Swinging another veteran QB trade?

-Making a big play for a top QB prospect?

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The Denver Broncos are going to undergo a ton of change next offseason, and that could include the quarterback position. Let's take a look at each QB option the Broncos can apply in 2024 and beyond. Russell Wilson is not the problem with the Denver Broncos. He's not been perfect, and the offense has been inconsistent at times, but the unit has largely been able to extend drives and score points.

Wilson has thrown for 11 touchdowns on just two interceptions. He's on pace for over 4,000 yards and over 30 touchdowns in 2023, which would be some of the best production of his career. However, the team itself is pretty bad. The defense might be the worst in team history, and that's not something that the offense can overcome.

Because of that, the Broncos are likely going to be sellers at the trade deadline and Sean Payton may want to simply blow this thing up from the top, down. If that is the case, the Broncos might want a different situation at QB. They might want to stick with Wilson since he's been the most consistent part of the team. Let's dive into each scenario the Denver Broncos can take with their QB spot in 2024 and beyond.

Examining each quarterback option for the Denver Broncos in 2024

1. Sticking with Russell Wilson and Jarrett Stidham

The first option is simply sticking with the current room. If the Denver Broncos are going to change a good bit of the roster, perhaps keeping the QB room intact is a good idea. That's the most important position in sports, and the Broncos have gotten good production from it in 2023 thus far. This is kind of like what the Los Angeles Rams recently did.

They kept Matthew Stafford around and turned over most of their roster. The Rams' roster is now littered with rookies and other young players, but the QB has remained the same. I could see Denver doing this. That should end up freeing up cap space too, depending on how many veteran players the Broncos part with.