Denver Broncos need to follow the LA Rams blueprint of rebuilding

The Denver Broncos should take a page from the LA Rams' book of rebuilding
Denver Broncos v Chicago Bears
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The Denver Broncos drop another one at home against the New York Jets 31-21 and fall to 1-4 in the season. The grudge match between Sean Payton and Nathaniel Hackett does not go the Broncos' way, and it is time to consider the future of this organization.

Social media has been on fire the past week about tearing down the team and building the roster from scratch. While this concept does have some truth to it, there was an NFC West team that was in a similar position to what Denver is in right now.

After dropping losing to Nathaniel Hackett and the Jets on Sunday, the Broncos community on social media has never been more ashamed and embarrassed. Everyone has reached rock bottom and is throwing out ideas on what to do going forward.

While emotions are running high, and rightfully so, the organization needs to study and emulate what Sean McVay did with his team in the offseason.

The Denver Broncos need to execute the Los Angeles Rams' blueprint of rebuilding and retooling this roster

There were a lot of questions surrounding the Los Angeles Rams and how they were going to look this season. From an outsider’s perspective, it appeared that the Rams didn't have a clear vision for the team going forward.

While studying what they did this past offseason, it was clear that they knew what to do and how to execute it.

The Broncos are in a similar position the Rams were in last season. With a lot of uncertainty on the roster, it looks like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Perhaps that is not the case. Let's dive deeper into the blueprint Denver needs to follow from the LA Rams.