Even Aaron Rodgers seems fed up with Jets' OC Nathaniel Hackett

The New York Jets continue to learn the hard way with Nathaniel Hackett.
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages

Somehow, New York Jets' OC Nathaniel Hackett is doing worse on offense this year than he did last year with the Denver Broncos, and even Aaron Rodgers seems fed up with Hackett. The Jets won their Super Bowl in Week 5 versus the Denver Broncos. They put up a season-high 31 points.

Since that game, the Jets have averaged 12.75 points per game and have now lost two in a row. A team that was once 4-3 and in a decent spot have now dropped to 4-5 and are fielding the 30th-ranked scoring offense in the NFL, averaging, get this... 16 points per game. It's another stellar display of offensive expertise from Hackett, who served as the Broncos' head coach for most of 2022.

Well, even Hackett's best buddy, Aaron Rodgers, seems annoyed and fed up with his play-calling. Sunday Night Football caught what seems to be Rodgers' reaction to one of Hackett's plays during the game. Check this out:

Hackett calls the play into Zach Wilson, and the camera then perfectly pans to Aaron Rodgers, who appears to shake his head in disagreement with the call. And guess what? The New York Jets did not gain that one yard to convert the third down. The Jets are a totally abysmal team on offense, and the Broncos have a chance to get to 4-5 on Monday Night Football, which is the Jets record.

It's clear that NY isn't a playoff team, and you have to wonder if the team would now consider benching Zach Wilson for former Broncos' Super Bowl champion QB, Trevor Siemian. Furthermore, you have to wonder if Aaron Rodgers would even consider coming back from his torn Achilles this season if he can get cleared.


The Jets are 4-5 and have a makeshift offensive line and a play-caller that is over his head. It's clear that Hackett has gotten to where he is largely due to Aaron Rodgers. Will the Jets take this a step further and make a change with their play-caller?

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