Evaluating the most realistic QB options for Denver in the NFL Draft

The Draft is getting closer, and as free agency goes by, it is more obvious that the Denver Broncos will select their next franchise quarterback.

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JJ McCarthy, Michigan:

Ahead of free agency, many saw McCarthy as the pick for the Broncos at 12th overall. As the draft gets closer, likely, he might not even be available past the 10th overall pick. Minnesota lost Kirk Cousins, who left in free agency to sign with the Atlanta Falcons, and signed Sam Darnold, later on, they added an extra first-round pick thanks to a trade with the Houston Texans.

McCarthy is a very talented guy and a proven winner, but regardless if the Vikings trade up or not, they are ahead of Denver by one pick, even if they stick with their original pick (11th overall) and decide to not trade up. Reports say that if the Vikings are not able to trade to the top three, McCarthy is likely their guy.

If somehow McCarthy falls to 12, or the Broncos see him as their guy and jump over the Vikings to draft him, he would also be good for Payton's offense. My concern with him is the lack of passing attempts over his college career, and that a big part of them were check-downs with his running back.

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Who would you like as the Broncos' next quarterback?