Drew Brees' production with Sean Payton was insane and bodes well for Russell Wilson

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I don't think the NFL landscape talks enough about just how ridiculous and insanely productive Drew Brees was while working with Sean Payton in the NFL. Brees and Russell Wilson are a bit different when it comes to passing, but I think Brees' insane production that he sustained for years is nothing but good news for Wilson.

Some may say that Brees had a bigger impact on the Saints' offense than Payton. Some may say the opposite, but like most things, the truth is likely somewhere in the middle There also came a time in Brees' career, specifically from 2017-2020, where his production dipped a bit but he became much more efficient, throwing less interceptions and completing passes at a higher rate.

Let's dive into Brees' career with Sean Payton. Over the course of his career with the Saints and Payton, Brees threw for 491 touchdowns, 190 interceptions, 68,010 yards, and earned a passer rating of 101.5

He also averaged a whopping 298.3 yards per game. Brees led the NFL in completions six times. He led the NFL in passing attempts four times. He led the NFL in completion percentage six times. He also led the NFL in passing yards a whopping seven times, and threw for 5,000 yards five separate times. He led the NFL in touchdown passes four times, and led the NFL in passer rating two times.

He had 10 seasons of throwing for at least 30 touchdown passes, and crossed the 40 touchdown mark twice. Nine times during his time with the Saints, Brees had a triple-digit passer rating. I say all of that to say that the excellence of Brees and offensive genius of Sean Payton ended up as one of the most prolific passers the game has ever seen.

Drew Brees also finished his career with four straight seasons of having less than 10 interceptions. During his time with the Saints, Brees averaged 37 touchdowns and 14 interceptions along with 5,071 yards over a 17-game sample.

He had a 101.5 career passer rating with the team as well. From 2017-2020, Brees averaged 33 touchdowns and seven interceptions across a 17-game sample. To say the absolute least, the work that Payton and Brees did together should excite every single fan in Broncos Country. Drew Brees is the best passer in the history of the NFL and sustained that success well into his 30s.

Wilson has also been a marvelously efficient passer for the majority of his career, and I think we can very much see Russell Wilson finish with less than seven interceptions in 2023 along with throwing for a ton of touchdowns. Russell Wilson may even be a better talent at QB than Brees was, so that should excite us even more.

I think we'll see the Broncos heavily commit to the run to begin 2023, but may see the offense open up a bit if Wilson can prove he's still an efficient passer.

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