Do not be surprised if Marvin Mims moves up Denver Broncos depth chart year one

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The addition of Marvin Mims Jr. to the Denver Broncos will start out as a complimentary piece but can move up the depth chart.

There is so much uncertainty surrounding the wide receiver room and whether they will still move on from both Jerry Jeudy or Courtland Sutton. The Denver Broncos added more intrigue at wide receiver with Marvin Mims Jr. from Oklahoma. Both Sean Payton and George Paton mentioned about Mims being a complimentary piece; however, that may not be the case in the future.

Denver’s wide receiver room is full of talent but unproven players. You can make an argument the most proven player and consistent player is Courtland Sutton and Tim Patrick. It was not until this year Jerry Jeudy really performed at such a high level. Sadly, the room dealt with so many injuries over the years there’s never been an opportunity either to see the full growth of the squad together. Patrick is recovering from an ACL injury and KJ Hamler is also coming back from a knee injury. We add in Montrell Washington having a rough first season in the NFL that also opens the door for more additions to the wide receiver room.

In order for Marvin Mims Jr. to move up that depth chart he will have to show growth as an all-around wideout. It will start first with showing the Denver Broncos impact in the special teams area first. While the yardage on special teams is not a lot, he will bring value at the position who is not new at it. Mims is high character individual so it is not out of the question he will assume that responsibility with no hesitation. 

As mentioned in another article, Mims has a lot of potential as a wide receiver. He has strong hands and is blazing fast. Mims plays bigger than his five foot eleven frame at 183 pounds. The more you watch him he feels like a blend of both Brandon Lloyd and Emmanuel Sanders. Mims may not be a great blocker; however, players who are willing go a long way to helping their case of moving up the depth chart. Once you factor in his catch point and underrated route running of Mims, he will be a fascinating watch over the years in a Denver Broncos uniform.

We will see if Mims moves up the depth chart in year one with the Denver Broncos

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