Do the Denver Broncos have a major move up their sleeves?

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The Denver Broncos made a few roster moves in recent weeks to free up some cap space and have made two recent signings. Is there something else brewing? Denver made two solid, depth signings on Tuesday.

They inked former Green Bay Packers' DL Tyler Lancaster to a deal, and they also brought back an old friend in Cam Fleming as well. Both players are fringe starters who can spot-start here and there but are excellent depth options.

According to, Denver has about $9.6 million in cap space, which ranks 23rd-most in the NFL. Even though they don't have a ton of cap space, they have enough to carry into the season and enough to make another, perhaps significant move.

The reason I say this is because the Broncos weirdly cut a solid depth piece at EDGE in Jake Martin. They then recently cut kicker Brandon McManus. Both struck me as having very odd timing. If Denver had planned on moving on from McManus previously, they would have done it, right?

Free agent kicker Matt Gay was the top kicker FA in 2023 and he inked a deal with the Indianapolis Colts. The Broncos could have cut McManus previously and perhaps could have signed Matt Gay if they were set on moving on from their lone Super Bowl 50 holdover.

Again, it's weird to see them cut McManus when they did, and the Jake Martin release also struck me as weird; why would Denver part with a quality depth piece at a position of need? Moreover, why did they cut McManus when they did?

Part of me thinks that Denver is not done with their roster tweaking. I think they shored up two position groups for the 2023 season with the Fleming and Lancaster signings. Other areas that could see some bodies added to it would be at EDGE, center, and running back.

Well, there are some high-profile players potentially available at each position, and Denver does have enough cap space to bring one on board. Consider further that the Denver Broncos have been very aggressive in free agency this year, dishing out hundreds of millions of dollars in contract money.

Why would they stop now? They did just make two moves to improve their roster, so methinks something else is afoot.

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