3 difficult decisions remaining for the Broncos in the 2023 offseason

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The Denver Broncos have largely had a great offseason, but they still have some difficult decisions left to make this offseason. The picture isn't totally clear yet for the Broncos. There are some tough decisions to make before week one kicks off.

Between potential major roster moves and the true plan for the 2023 NFL Draft, Denver might not be out of the woods yet. Even after how active they were this offseason in getting a legitimate head coach and an overhaul of the offensive line, the team still might need to make more moves in order to be true contenders in the AFC.

What are some tough decisions that Denver has left to make this offseason?

Tough decisions that Denver still has to make this offseason
1. Will the team tweak their wide receiver room?

We heard both Courtland Sutton and Jerry Jeudy's names in trade talks this offseason, and they seem to have fizzled out. Given the projected return of Tim Patrick and the Marquez Callaway signing, Denver might benefit from trading one of Sutton or Jeudy, as they could potentially get a solid draft pick back in return.

Sean Payton claims that the team isn't trading either player, but what if they get an offer they can't refuse during the 2023 NFL Draft? I'd think that they'd be open to it, and we do know that a couple of teams seemed genuinely interested in Jerry Jeudy.

If Denver does keep getting calls, they will have to ultimately make a big decision here. With Jeudy's stellar end to the 2022 season, should they risk trading the 2020 first round pick? Jeudy is likely going to flourish under Sean Payton, so it might not be a good idea to part with the young player.