Detroit Lions rookie exposed Raiders for an embarrassing 2024 NFL Draft moment

This is just bonkers.
Las Vegas Raiders Introduce Antonio Pierce As Head Coach, Tom Telesco As General Manager
Las Vegas Raiders Introduce Antonio Pierce As Head Coach, Tom Telesco As General Manager / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

If you need a laugh, well, I have you covered. The Las Vegas Raiders continue to ooze incompetence, and this Detroit Lions rookie gives us a glimpse at their latest blunder. This is actually surprising, even for the Raiders, but I guess since it is the Raiders, well, maybe we should not be surprised.

Vegas has had a dismal offseason, which was kicked off by prematurely hiring Antonio Pierce to be the head coach and hiring a failed general manager in Tom Telesco. It's one of the weaker GM/HC combinations in the NFL, and they proved it all offseason. Well, the Lions took Alabama CB Terrion Arnold with the 24th overall pick, and the Raiders had strong interest in Arnold, as they've had a need for a shutdown cornerback for ages.

Anyway, the Raiders obviously took Brock Bowers with their 13th overall pick, as they missed out on the six QBs that went in the first 12 picks. In a recent media appearance, Arnold gave a bit of information as to what his draft experienced looked like:

Yes, you read that right, a coin flip.

A COIN FLIP? In 2024, NFL teams are deciding who they are taking in the first round by a COIN FLIP? Even for the Raiders, this is low. The Denver Broncos should be laughing their tails off at this report, and it comes straight from the player himself. Frankly, not only is this embarrassing, but it's a slap in the face to all the work their scouts did in preparing for the NFL Draft.

And on a side note, it's not like Brock Bowers was a great selection, as Vegas had used a 2023 second-round pick on Michael Mayer, a tight end from Notre Dame. Using valuable draft capital on tight ends is just not great roster-building. Anyway, Broncos fans should definitely get a kick out of this story, as it's even a new low for the Raiders.