Three Broncos who need to turn in big games in Week 13

Cleveland Browns v Denver Broncos
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3) Russell Wilson

Week 13 will be Russ' most important game in quite some time. With a win, the Broncos will control their own destiny the rest of the way through the final month of the NFL season. A loss puts them further back in the AFC wild card hunt and makes their playoff hopes much more far-fetched. Russell Wilson has been the NFL's most effective red zone quarterback this year, with 17 touchdowns and no interceptions this season. If the Broncos want to leave Houston with a 6th consecutive victory, Wilson will need to continue to protect the ball in the red zone.

Beyond just the red zone, Wilson has been very accurate and safe in his work this year. Wilson's 5.0 touchdown to interception rate has been the best in football. His four interceptions are a league low amongst quarterbacks who have been starters all year long, and his 20 touchdowns are tied for 5th best in the NFL with Justin Herbert.

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Overall, Wilson has been safe but opportunistic, effective yet less utilized, and exactly what the Broncos and Sean Payton have needed. Wilson, a savvy veteran, has been willing to take a back seat, considering his 2,199 passing yards are among the lowest of any quarterback with at least ten starts this year. However, that number might take a jump this week. The Texans have allowed a little over 250 passing yards a game, which is almost 40 yards more than Wilson averages per game. If the Broncos can set the ground game and take a lead early, expect Wilson to open up the field a bit more than usual and showcase his strong arm for the first time in a while.