Denver Broncos who could join rival teams in 2024 NFL season

Could any players from the 2023 season join rivals in 2024?

New England Patriots v Denver Broncos
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Russell Wilson could sign with the Las Vegas Raiders

Here's what an NFL executive told ESPN's Jeremy Fowler:

"ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler recently spoke with an NFL exec who named the Las Vegas Raiders as a logical suitor for Wilson. The executive cited the fact that the Raiders were one of the teams on Wilson’s wish list when Wilson asked the Seattle Seahawks to trade him.

“[The Raiders] need a vet, and they are one of Wilson’s original teams he wanted to go to,” the executive said. “He’d stay in the [AFC West], West Coast, and [Wilson’s wife] Ciara can do a [Las Vegas] residency [as a live performer].”"

Larry Brown Sports / Jeremy Fowler

Russell Wilson is still going to be paid by the Denver Broncos in 2024, even if he is cut. Wilson could sign with any team he chooses when the Broncos cut ties with him, and as the executive notes in the quote from Jeremy Fowler, Wilson initially had a desire to play for the Raiders. Wilson may also want to try to stick it to the Denver Broncos for the way his situation was handled late in the 2023 NFL season.

Getting to play the team that benched him twice a year might be something Russell Wilson enthusiastically does. Now, that doesn't mean he'll be any good. The Raiders plan on hiring Kliff Kingsbury to be their offensive coordinator. They made Antonio Pierce their new head coach, and hired former Chargers GM Tom Telesco for the same role.


They aren't exactly building something special in Las Vegas, but Russell Wilson still might have interest in joining a Broncos rival.