Denver Broncos: Way too early look at team's 2024 cap space

Sean Payton may have to get creative in 2024 to create some cap space.

Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos might not have to do any sort of rebuilding next offseason. Rather, they might be able to again be active in free agency and could put the finishing touches on a future playoff roster. A few short weeks ago, many of us were calling for the Broncos to rebuild.

The defense was so bad, perhaps the worst in NFL history through the first month, that a total firesale at the trade deadline seemed likely. However, the Broncos' defense has actually been excellent over the last month. Sure, the defense does have some aging veterans that will need to be replaced, but there is a lot more to hang our hats on with this team.

And honestly, I don't think Sean Payton wants to rebuild anything-- he's got a Hall of Fame resume and is almost 60 years old. Payton probably isn't going to coach more than another five to seven years, and surely would want to avoid a lean, rebuilding year if possible. There will surely be some roster tweaking that will happen next offseason.

Let's dive into the team's current projected cap space and how they could create more.