Denver Broncos usher in new era with new uniforms in just one week

In one week, the Denver Broncos will unveil new uniforms for the first time since the late 1990s.
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Rob Carr/GettyImages

In one week, the much-anticipated new uniforms will be unveiled, and it'll be a symbolic beginning of a new era of Denver Broncos football. Seven days. Seven. days. Between all of the hype with the potential for new uniforms before the announcement to us being just one week away, the much-anticipated change is coming.

When the new ownership group came aboard, one of the first things that the team and even fanbase began talking about was the possibility of new uniforms, and team president Damani Leech has apparently been hard at work in the entire design process. Wherever you look, you can find uniform mock-ups from apparent rumors and leaks. To be honest, though, this franchise has been pretty tight-lipped with most things over the last few years, so I am not putting a ton of stock into the mock-ups.

One thing that does seem popular is somehow bringing back the throwback, old-school "D" logo and uniforms to a degree. The powder blue jerseys not only are sensationally attractive, but are a nice throwback that can be altered to fit a more modern-look.

Mr. Boggins on Twitter put together a uniform concept that I believe most Denver Broncos fans would be over the moon about:

However, a full-scale return to the throwback age might be unlikely. I'm personally going to try to be as optimistic as possible with this uniform unveiling, but if they look like this mock-up, I am going to be livid:

To me, these look like the Denver Broncos got relegated to the Canadian Football League and had to create new uniforms. I would personally hate this, and it's nothing against anyone who has designed a kit of uniforms with this look. These are just poorly designed and feel super blocky. Anyway, we're a week away from the unveiling, and it'd be smart to have post notifications on for the Broncos Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, as they'll surely make a huge social media push to reveal them.